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Wed Jul 16 21:58:35 UTC 2003

> On 7/16/2003, "Mark Rafn" <dagon at> wrote:
> >I don't think that most agree that the requirement to give source and
> >distribution rights to all users is an acceptible solution.

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Ryo Chijiiwa wrote:
> Perhaps my interpretation of the GPL is incorrect, but I thought that was
> one of the basic requirements in that license.

Nope, giving source and rights is required for distribution of the 
software or derived works.  Use, including use by proxy and use of a 
non-distributed derived work, has no such requirement.

> I agree that this is a grey area.  However, one difference between
> web-applications and server software is the level at which users
> interact with them, and who the intended users are.

The nice thing about free software is that it evolves into uses not 
foreseen by the original author.  Your intended user for your original 
package is likely to be different from my intended user of a modified 

> Server software like web servers and mail servers don't have interfaces
> for end users because that's not the intended audience.

Of course they are.  End users use the http and smtp interfaces of such
servers every day.  They are intended for end-users.  Most end-users use
some sort of browser or MTA to use the software, but isn't that what
you're talking about with your package as well?
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