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Chuck Swiger chuck at
Wed Jul 16 21:48:26 UTC 2003

John Cowan wrote:
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> Am I obliged to publish all changes that I make to any OSS which I use
> in my business?  Presumably not; the right to make private changes
> is protected by (AFAIK) all open-source licenses including the GPL.
> Deploying software in an ASP is not IMHO essentially different; it is use,
> not publication.

Agreed.  The end-user of an ASP is viewing content generated by the application, 
  not necessarily receiving a "redistribution" of the ASP software itself.


Would anyone care to comment on the licensing found here:

I seem to also find myself producing licenses that are "free" by Matt's 
standards (if not by the semantics defined here or by the FSF)...


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