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Wed Jul 16 20:31:16 UTC 2003

Maybe you are looking for is the AGPL,


--- Ryo Chijiiwa <ryo at> wrote:
> I have since reassessed my needs, and here is a
> revised proposal.
> Would it be possible to have a license identical to
> the GPL, except one
> which has provisions for deployment of software,
> rather than the
> distribution of binary executables?  Web-base
> applications written in
> languages like PHP do not have binary distributions.
>  However, the act
> of deploying web applications, that is, the act of
> making a software
> available for use by others, is analogous to the
> distribution of
> compiled binaries.   As such, I believe
> web-applications should be
> warranted similar provisions as those offered to
> binary executables
> under the GPL.

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