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Mark Rafn dagon at
Thu Apr 24 16:08:00 UTC 2003

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Neil Cowburn wrote:

> * The user of the source code is forbidden from using the code in any
> commercial software components or UI controls (i.e. they can use it in
> their applications, but they cannot create components and controls based
> on our code and then sell to developers).

This does not describe open source software. item 6 is specifically there
to make it clear that open source software can be used commercially. 

Of course, if they DO sell derived works to your developers, they must 
give recipients all the rights your license requires.  If the code is GPL, 
they must give all recipients of binary derived works source code and the 
right to redistribute.

> Can you please advise me as to which license best suits our needs?

Aside from the last part, which no open-source program may require, the 
GPL looks pretty good.
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