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Don Jarrell don at
Wed Apr 23 16:19:23 UTC 2003

An interesting turn of events.  While I would probably
not consider myself qualified to vote for a license's
getting the mark, I offer a couple of questions to consider.

- What is the standard by which votes are interpreted 
as "approval" ?  Absence of any objection ? That's a 
pretty high-standard given the open constituency of the
list.  Number of nay votes ? Number or percentage of yea
votes ?  Kind of fuzzy.  

- If there is some metric based upon list population,
could/should those who would recuse themselves from the
voting - for whatever reason - be removed from that 
population count ?

- Could list members whose bent is revealed to be
inconsistent with the OSI/OSD be booted from the list ?
Could they become non-voting viewers ?

- Is there a secondary review by the Board (like ruling 
notwithstanding verdict) ?

- After reading the new certification page again, I
wonder if the all-list-member review could be better
as a _screening_ process, prior to Board review of the
short-list where actual "approval" and "certification"
are conferred.

I do believe in the value of the mark as currently conferred, 
but with this new approach, I am less sure what it will mean.

Cheers.     dj 

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> Hi, y'all.  We have changed the license approval process.  I've asked
> Steve to upload the changed page, which is currently at
>  Part of this change
> gives license-discuss more authority.  You're being deputized to serve
> as the License Approval Committee.  License approval requests now go
> directly to you.
> I'd like it if somebody would step forward to serve as the Committee
> chair.  Your duties are to collect a yea/nay recommendation and
> forward it to me once the discussion on a license dies down.
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