Licensing Model: Joint Copyright Assignments

Don Jarrell don at
Tue Apr 15 05:48:48 UTC 2003

> From: Lawrence E. Rosen 
> [...]
> In this situation it is appropriate for my client to
> obtain a patent assignment so that he can have exclusive control of
> litigation and licensing activities.  We're doing that now, when there's
> a current need.  We would never have expected the co-inventor to have
> assigned his rights way back when, before anyone understood the possible
> importance of the patent.  The negotiated value of the patent assignment
> is based on the current state of affairs.  
> Don't give
> away something prematurely that the recipient doesn't need and that you
> might later want.  Assign away your rights only when it is appropriate
> to do so.

If I'm following your overall point, why doesn't your client simply assign 
claim for the current litigation and retain his stake in the patent ?

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