Licensing Model: Joint Copyright Assignments

Lawrence E. Rosen lrosen at
Tue Apr 15 02:30:44 UTC 2003

> That depends on whether you foresee an infringement of the 
> whole or of the parts.  Some programs, like old cars, are 
> more valuable for their components.  In that case, it helps 
> to have someone with an Eben on tap.

Eben (and maybe even other attorneys) might be on tap for any valuable
open source component.  It is never too late to assign the copyright if
necessary to protect it.  

> > Why should anyone trust Sun (or OSAF, or anyone
> > else) with ownership of, and right to defend, their intellectual 
> > property?
> Why, because I believe that Sun or OSAF or FSF has the 
> capability to take legal action on my behalf that I myself 
> couldn't afford.

I understand the notion of deep pockets.  My question boils down to, why
should you trust someone just because they have deep pockets?  And why
should you trust them now, long before there is any need for them to own
the copyright, rather than wait until the need arises?


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