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Christophe Dupre duprec at
Thu Apr 10 03:12:33 UTC 2003

The way I understand it, is what happens if somebody sends in a 
one-liner patch that fixes an off-by-one error. It's a trivial patch, 
but it might be critical AND very difficult to re-implement in a 
different way.

So, let's say we receive the patch, decide to NOT include it but fix the 
error ourself anyway. The fix is a one-liner, that waas provided by the 
patch. And maybe we wouldn'y have found it with the patch. So, isn't 
fair to say that the patch submitter owns the one-line fix in the program ?

reggiehg at wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you elaborate what this implies?
> --- Andy Tai <lichengtai at> wrote:
>>Isn't this risky as the reimplementations of the
>>patches are not clean room?
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> Reggie
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