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Andy Tai lichengtai at
Thu Apr 10 00:18:19 UTC 2003

Isn't this risky as the reimplementations of the
patches are not clean room?

And since most patches are probably short (a few
lines), how can the reimplementations be visibly
different from the original patches?

> > Do what the FSF does: don't accept any patches
> without a written assignment
> > of copyright to you.  (It has to be in writing, or
> the magic doesn't work.)
> You may also rewrite the code in all the patches
> people send to you. 
> Doing this you get the copyright (which protects
> expression and not idea).
> This option is legally speaking much safer than
> trusting on a vague 
> contractual assignment - however, it may mean hard
> work. To my 
> knowledge, most dual licensors like TrollTech do
> this.
> Regards,
> Mikko

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