The OSD and commercial use

Steve Mallett steve at
Sat Nov 23 15:55:51 UTC 2002

On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 11:37  AM, John Cowan wrote:

> Steve Mallett scripsit:
>> I've personally always hated the argument that "you have a choice 
>> about
>> what you agree to use."  Of course I do.  I also have the choice to
>> tell you I agree with it to get it and then do as I damn well wish 
>> with
>> it.
> Have you ever rented a car?  Do you take that attitude with it?

Yes. However the agreements are mostly very reasonable for both sides.  
They rarely include anything like "you agree not to have passengers."  
If they did I would gladly ignore it.  Wouldn't you?

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