discuss: NauSite Public License

Vladimir Pastukhov vpastukhov at naumen.ru
Fri Nov 22 11:13:50 UTC 2002


John Cowan wrote:
>>This is a request for approval of NauSite Public License.
>>NauSite is an open source Content Management System for
>>web sites written by Naumen company (www.naumen.ru).
> This license is obviously Open Source, but Naumen should consider
> the Academic Free License 1.2 instead, which serves the same purposes but

Changing to AFL seems like a good idea and we will consider
it for our future releases. But for now we have already released
the code accompanied with the license in subject, so we would
like to see it confirmed as an open source by OSI.

If there are no objections can it be approved on the next
OSI board meeting?

Thank you for your support.

Vladimir Pastukhov
vpastukhov at naumen.ru

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