Academic Free License questions

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at
Fri Nov 22 05:29:10 UTC 2002

That's what I thought too.  However, that clause is very cleverly written.
They might not have accepted AFL or that patent clause for MyCoolApp,
instead choosing to license it under ZPL and combine it with some GPL code.

However, they are also using YourCoolTool which is licensed under OSL.  They
did accept that patent clause in the OSL license.  When they agreed to that,
they agreed that they would lose their rights to YourCoolTool if they ever
made a patent claim against MyCoolApp, or any other app that is licensed
under OSL or AFL.

I think I have spotted my source of confusion: " that is licensed
under any license..."  Does that mean "software that is licensed by You...",
or does it mean software that Licensor has made available under one of those
licenses?  It seems to be open to interpretation, and one of the
interpretations is very far-reaching.  I would just like to know which one
Larry intended.

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