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John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Wed Nov 20 18:32:32 UTC 2002

Ahmed Masud scripsit:

> I will pass these on to our legal dept. and have them encorporate 
> appropriate language to cover these points.

You can snarf useful language from http://www.opensource.org/licenses/academic.php

> If i could possibly inquire, could you (or perhaps any one from the 
> discussion list) give me an idea what the time line is usually like for 
> approval given that there are no major issues?  

Rather open-ended, I'm afraid.  The OSI Board, which approves licenses,
consists of a lot of overworked volunteers.  They meet periodically and
discuss however many licenses they have time for, according to a priority
queue which they decide on.  Your license may not even get considered for
some time.

I urge you instead to see if you can reuse one of the 39 existing licenses
(generally speaking, changing proper names in them is not a problem).
That way you will not add to the queue and you will be able to call your
software "OSI Certified" right away.

I think the Open Software License 1.1 in particular would serve you well.

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