a data licencing problem

Janko Metelko janko.metelko at mo-ja.si
Sat Nov 9 13:42:36 UTC 2002

Russel Nelson writed:

>And that's
>exactly what this customer wants: respect from the open source people
>and money from the Windows people.


Yesterday I posted a licence that makes difference betwen commercial
and noncommercial users ( respect from personal, money from 
commercial (non-humanitarian, non-culturall, non-ecologycall).

I asked for an oppinion on OSI, and I was kindly told that this licenced
could not be OSI approved:

>With good reason.  You can't discriminate between users.

Well now, one day later same person that enlightened me is ( at
least from my point of view ) making the same discrimination.

[ BTW: Your thoughts are based on very flat assumption

1.what if people use win and linux on the same computer

(what are they black or white people... sory windows or linux people?)

2.what is someone develops open source programs on windows OS???

3.what about other OS-es... Are linux people the chosen people

4.Maybe you have newer used windows, and dont know that windows people
too mind paying money

>It's just that they don't mind showing their appreciation by
>paying money.


No hard feelings....


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