Approval Request: RPSL 1.0

Nathan Kelley digitaleon at
Sat Nov 9 01:13:17 UTC 2002

To OSI License Discussion subscribers,

> From: Rob Lanphier <robla at>,

> Here is a link to the RealNetworks Public Source License (RPSL):
> We'd like to submit this for consideration as an OSI-certified license.

I have read the RealNetworks Public Source License 1.0. I believe that 
it meets the requirements of the OSD and falls within the boundaries of 
the spirit of Open Source. If acceptable to the board, this license can 
be certified as OSI-approved.

You may want to proofread (ie. spell check) as there are still a few 
typos in there, but this is a minor issue.

I think one of the main deterrents to reading the license is the fact 
that it is essay-length; excluding the exhibits, it is 4,143 words 
long. I know that it took me ~ 10 minutes to read, which by anyones' 
definition is not an insignificant amount of time. Certainly it is a 
lot to try and keep in mind at the same time. It is an indictment of 
the system that a license needs to be this long in order to forgo as 
many possible loopholes that can and would be abused.

Cheers, Nathan.

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