a data licensing problem

Brian DeSpain brian at xao.com
Fri Nov 8 22:25:14 UTC 2002

Russell Nelson wrote:

>I have a problem that I would like y'all to consider.  A company sells
>datasets.  They wish to cooperate with the opensource folks to the
>extent that opensource folks can use a free copy of their dataset.
>They would also like to be able to sell that same dataset to people
>using proprietary operating systems.  On the other hand, they would
>also like to comply with the Open Source Definition.
>BTW, I just sent an announcement to announcements at opensource.org.  If
>you're not subscribed, you missed it.  :-)
What's the problem? Simply specify that open source applications can use 
the data while any closed source application must get an appropriate. 
It's open if it's open and closed if it's closed. The Sleepycat license 
is here

BTW it is FSF and open source definition approved. This happens all the 
time. My companies own software is delivered under such a license. FYI - 
Richard feels it's better to use the GPL but it is still an acceptable 


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