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John Cowan jcowan at
Mon Nov 4 03:33:09 UTC 2002

Mike Nordell scripsit:

> > > > The Plan 9 license forbids personal modification
> > >
> > > I agree, but so does the OSL 1.0, which is Open Source (the
> > > OSL 1.1 does not have this problem).
> >
> > Then I disagree with the certification of the OSL v1.0 as Open Source.
> Count me in. If I can't modify the software for which I have the source
> code, what point would it be in having it? Verifying that it contains bugs
> I'm not allowed to fix?!

No, no.  The emphasis is on *personal*.  The GPL allows you to make
mods and keep them to yourself; only if you distribute binary must you
also distribute source.  The OPL requires distribution of any mods you
make unless they are *very* personal indeed.

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