a proposed change to the OSD

Bruce Dodson bruce_dodson at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 3 08:26:21 UTC 2002

I like the sound of that world!  Meanwhile, as you say, we live with the one
we've got.

Although there are lots of cases that deal with software, how many have
involved software that's free?  (Note that my cat, being strictly an indoor
cat, is not as free as my software.  But, being an indoor cat, she is
probably more bug-free.  Okay, I'm done talking about cats now.)

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From: "Lawrence E. Rosen" <lrosen at rosenlaw.com>
> Someday,
> everyone will adopt cats and use only free software.  Perhaps by then
> the law will address both kinds of "products" in a similar fashion, and
> the phrase "free to good homes" will have broader meaning to open source
> advocates.
> /Larry
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