a proposed change to the OSD

Mahesh T Pai paivakil at vsnl.net
Fri Nov 1 15:29:50 UTC 2002

David Johnson wrote:

> A) A requirement for user consent, in my opinion, is immoral, 
> unethical, and just plain rude.

Yes. I agree there.

> I don't need to agree to a license in order to read a book. I don't
> need to agree to a license in order to listen to music. I should
> not have to agree to anything in order to use a copy of software
> which I own.

But then, music will not cost you a dime if it 'malfunctions'; and
books do not corrupt your hard disks / data.

> Copyright law is meant to be a compromise between the rights of the
> author and the rights of the possessor. Requiring user consent 
> places too much control in the hands of the author.

But then, in copyleft sense, consent is for the product liability 
clauses in the licenses, not the copyright grants.

Mahesh T Pai.

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