The Feudal Lord Analogy

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Mon Mar 25 20:53:06 UTC 2002

<Rod Dixon>
Whether the point is pertinent I am unsure, but for whatever it is worth, I
>think Stallman's point is well-taken. "Intellectual property" is a
>loaded term that is increasingly connoting a strange sense of property
>and an oddly wide-ranging scope of interests. To thwart this trend, as
>Stallman points out, we should be more precise in our use of
>terms...[but I would add] to the extent that it makes sense.

I agree with RMS and you about using "Copyright" in English. 
English is my third language. European Laws use I.P. where US 
uses "Copyright". The US extent of the expression "I.P." is larger 
than in Europe. 
To be short, we focuse on works protected by the (c) symbol, and 
on Laws which cover its usage. I agree to replace occurences of
"IP" by the word "Copyright" in my former messages.

I understand that the extent of the "IP" term in US Laws allows 
this term to be widely used by propaganda. But I do not believe that 
propaganda is the true problem. Denouncing propaganda is important, 
but not a solution. 
We also need to understand the true questions, and find solutions.

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