Static v. Dynamic Linking -- redux

Russell Nelson nelson at
Sat Mar 16 15:50:24 UTC 2002

Emiliano writes:
 > I don't think it'd be a good approach (legally or morally), but isn't
 > the licensee bound by the text of the license, and nothing else?

Again, I must stress that this is not based on experience, but instead
on learning.  From what I have read, what really matters is your
intention -- as captured in the license.  A good license will capture
your intention completely, accurately, and precisely.  A poor license
will lead to lawsuits.  In a lawsuit, the judge will interpret the
license to try to divine your intention.  That is why anything you
write in or about a license -- even if it's "just" a preamble and
postamble, or in a separate commentary -- is used to interpret the
terms of the license.

That's why you do best to write the best license you can, and then
shut up about it.

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