OSD modification regarding what license can require of user

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sat Mar 16 03:44:20 UTC 2002

On Friday 15 March 2002 01:06 am, Emiliano wrote:

> Whether or not you feel that this is or isn't a good way to deploy
> applications is entirely irrelevant to me. I have an application to
> release; if I can't release it under an open source license because
> these types of apps are deemed irrelevant by the OSI then so be it. Closed
> source it is. I still have hopes for the amended GPL or a variant of
> the APSL or W3C license, though.

I was not judging any type of application. Instead I was prognosticating from 
my own particular perspective. No offense was intended and I hope you don't 
take it as such. I do foresee a need for web services and other forms of 
centralized processing. But I still doubt that they will become the dominant 
mode of application computing. 

I get the impression that there are one or two people out there (not you) who 
are in a state of urgency over this issue because they see an immanent return 
of the dumb/thin client. I don't like decisions to be made in panic mode, so 
I was trying to explain in my own not-to-brilliant way why I didn't think 
it's going to happen.

David Johnson
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