OSD modification regarding what license can require of user

Emiliano emile at iris-advies.nl
Fri Mar 15 08:54:43 UTC 2002

Russell Nelson wrote:

>  > Has A violated the license? That would seem weird, because it pertains
>  > clear written instructions (even if those instructions are in fact a
>  > shell script). And since B didn't agree to anything, he isn't bound by
>  > the 'click-wrap' license.
> The dragon attacks:
> Ask your lawyer to include terms in the license that prohibit
> disclosure of the unpacking method.  The license will also have to
> prohibit distribution of the enclosed tarball.

I don't have a lwyer, and frankly, I'm loathe to hire one just so I can
release my sources to the public. If an existing license covers my
needs, excellent, but if not, I simply won't be releasing it. Not that
the world would collapse without access to my software, but I still
think it's a shame.


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