OSD modification regarding what license can require of user

Thorsten Glaser nirwana at ecce.homeip.net
Thu Mar 14 19:34:09 UTC 2002

begin  electrogrammati illius Emiliano

>Has A violated the license? That would seem weird, because it pertains
>clear written instructions (even if those instructions are in fact a
>shell script). And since B didn't agree to anything, he isn't bound by
>the 'click-wrap' license.

There is a similar way to get a legal (but not licensed) copy
of Win 98 SE to your computer.
You just have to grab a backup copy of a friend (which in contrast
to the official CDs does not bear the mark "you aren't entitled to
make unlawful copies" (translation de->en by me)) and install from
it, it doesn't ask for accepting the license. Then do a bit of registry
voodoo under DOS just after the first restart, and voil'a.

Yes, I am root on my box, my friends' boxen and my mailgate.
And yes, I do know how to handle it. Yes, I know about kill-
rules, too. So WTF do you still bother filling my syslog?

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