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phil hunt philh at comuno.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Mar 13 21:20:34 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 13 March 2002  7:05 pm, John Cowan wrote:
> phil hunt scripsit:
> > I also notice your word "taint" used to describe the GPL. Here, you
> > seem to be implying that you dislike the most popular open source
> > license, and by implication, people who choose to write software under
> > this license; thus it seems to me therefore that you dislike a large
> > part of the OS/FS community.
> Non sequitur.
> Colin does not wish to release *his* software under the GPL,

That is fine, I have no complaint with that.

> as is his
> right.  He expresses no view about the use of the GPL by others,

Not directly, but he clearly implies that he doesn't have a very
high opinion of it.

> still
> less about the others in question.


> It's one thing to defend the GPL against people who would breach it.
> It's another to "defend" it against people who wish to use something
> else.

I have no problems with people who wish to use any open source license.

What I do have problems with is people who deliberately set out to
Balkanise the community by introducing a new license for the purpose
of being deliberately incompatible with another widely-used open 
source license. It doesn't matter that it is the GPL. I would equally
be against anyone who sought to introduce an anti-BSD license or and
anti-MPL license or and anti-LGPL license.

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