OSD modification regarding what license can require of user

Thorsten Glaser nirwana at ecce.homeip.net
Wed Mar 13 22:24:02 UTC 2002

begin  electrogrammati illius John Cowan

>Suppose A publishes a GPLed book describing some arcane subject, and B obtains a
>copy of it.  C now mails questions to B along with payment, and B answers
>the questions out of the book and mails back the replies.  In principle,
>C could read the book himself, but may not have the time or desire.)  Surely A's
>rights are not impinged on here?
>Are things different if B adds his own marginal notes to the book?  Is B really
>required by (the spirit of) the GPL to make those notes available to C?

Or A, to look from a different side on this?


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