OSD modification regarding what license can require of user

Emiliano emile at iris-advies.nl
Wed Mar 13 21:44:58 UTC 2002

John Cowan wrote:

> > Let's consider also the "ASP problem". Somebody makes extensive changes
> > to a GPL work, and deploys that work as a service, perhaps via .NET, rather
> > than distributing the work. This circumvents the GPL because the GPL terms
> > activate upon distribution.
> I don't understand how this breaches the spirit of the GPL any more than
> providing ASP-style access to the unmodified work does (i.e. not at all).

Because the unmodified form is available to the service users, and they
could escape if they wanted to and set up a private implementation. Not
so with provider-private mods.

> If you are free to make private mods to GPLed programs for your own
> use, why not for others' use?  This is just timesharing under a new name.

I, for example, write an online questionaire application that I'm
considering releasing under on OSD compliant license. The main thing
holding me back so far is that I'm still looking for a license that
allows users their freedom, but prevent direct competitors to my
bussiness taking what's mine, _making private mods_, and competing with
my own service (which is just fine with me up to here) without granting
their users the freedom I've given them, or even an acknowledgement of
my work or a notice of where to get a copy of their own, because the
service-users will never get to see the source and/or the license. And
I'm not fine with that.


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