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David Johnson david at
Thu Mar 7 02:46:03 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 06 March 2002 10:40 am, Bernard Nyman wrote:

> 1.  What are the export controls to which the above clause refers, and
> where can I find details of them?

The only export controls I am aware of that deal with software pertain to 
military grade encryption. I do not believe that Adobe produces any products 
that fit into this category.

Further, the license is asking you to acknowledge the existence of certain 
laws, not merely requiring you to follow them. This is a serious problem. If 
the US export controls do not apply to the software, then you CANNOT export 
the software because there would be NO way to aquire the necessary US and 
foreign licenses to do so, simply because they do not exist.

Time to do a bit of negotiation here. Demand that the clause be struck out.

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