request for approval of APOSSL

dave sag dave.sag at
Wed Mar 6 20:41:53 UTC 2002

well this is way off topic but

At 3:04 PM -0500 6/3/02, Forrest J. Cavalier III wrote:
>I wrote:
>>  Here is the response I would give you about OSI approval
>>  for your license.
>>  "Your request will be rejected" is your request will be rejected.

nice try but quines make sense. your response makes no sense.

(and for what it's worth "makes no sense on its own," makes no sense 
on its own.)

>I thought of another appropriate response...
>    "We will refuse when you ask" is we will refuse when you ask.

also pretty weak

(is also pretty weak)

>And another...
>    "We won't reject until you ask" is we won't reject until you ask.

hey look the way you seem to define a quine you just quote a phrase, 
follow it with 'is' and then repeat the phrase.  hardly cricket. 
shouldn't a english language quine be constructed using proper 

>(I don't speak for the OSI board, of course.)

of course not, but how am I to know that.  you sure sound like you 
speak with some authority on this list.

>You've had your fun.  Now move along.

hmmm...  I bet you just wished you could pat me on the head as you said that.


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