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John Cowan jcowan at
Tue Mar 5 18:47:36 UTC 2002

dave sag wrote:

> Clause 4 does NOT require promition of derivatives at all. Should you 
> never obtain written permission, you never need endorse anything.

# 4. The names "Pronoic", or "" must be used to endorse and
#   promote products derived from this software before obtaining
#   written permission.

Suppose that I have created a derivative program and have not asked for
written permission.  Then I must use your terms to endorse and promote
my program, although under clause 5 they cannot appear in its name.

It sounds like the permission I would want is the permission *not*
to use these terms.

> pronoic is a word (albeit a made up word) meaning the opposite of 
> paranoic.

Which is not a word either, unless you mean "paranoiac".

/me casts a spell of banishing, returning you to Underbridge.

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