Copyrights and Secrets

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Mon Mar 4 04:33:16 UTC 2002

Mahesh T Pai scripsit:

> You do not violate copyright by reading an
> unpublished book.  But, if
> You break open into the author's table to
> access the unpublished book,
> the matter is diffierent.

No.  It is probably criminal, but reading
a book (not out loud) can never violate the
author's copyright.

>    As qn. 3 implies, computer software
> involves more than one set of
> information, (as compared to print and
> audio media, which deal with only
> one set of info).  The program binaries
> and the source code are
> independently copyrightable.

That's true, but since a binary is a derivative
work, you cannot create one without a license
from the author of the source code.

> In the traditional sense however,
> "copyright" is a right in just one
> concept - the information contained in
> some published work.

The information as such is not copyright,
only the form in which the information is

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