Limiting the use of an OpenSource application

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Mar 4 00:37:21 UTC 2002

David Johnson scripsit:

> But as for *reselling* a piece of software, that is a different matter. 
> Regardless of the existance of copyright law, the media upon which the 
> software resides is your personal property. It is immoral for the author to 
> deny my the right to resell my media since it is not his property anymore. 

What for, if there is a covenant which you accept at the time?

I shortly intend to buy my apartment on terms which require me to sell
it back to the co-op corporation when and if I leave it.  Even if the
market triples by then, I am forbidden to sell it on the open market.
I get back only the purchase price plus the value of improvements I
make (unlikely).

I go into this with my eyes open, and what's more, I approve of the
restriction.  What's immoral here?

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