Restricting usage on embedded systems

David Johnson david at
Sun Mar 3 04:55:17 UTC 2002

On Saturday 02 March 2002 10:56, Roberto Bonino wrote:
> The following is not obvious (at least to me) from reading the OSD, so I
> post it
> Consider licensing an XML schema
> - Using the schema use on "regular"computers, workstations, mainframes, etc
> is covered by one of the  standard OSI  licenses, but loading the schema on
> an embedded system is not allowed.
> - Loading the schema on embedded systems is  covered by a different
> possibly commercial license

I do not believe that this would qualify as Open Source. I do not see 
anything explicit in the OSD prohibiting such terms, but sections 3 and 7 
seems to me to at least implicity deny discrimination based on platform. Also 
consider that the Open Motif license was denied certification for 
discriminating based on platforms.

In addition, such a term is clearly against the spirit of Open Source. Once I 
have legally aquired the software, Open Source means that I can use it in any 
manner I choose, including running it on embedded devices.

Oh, and good luck trying to pin down the definition of "embedded system" in 
your future closed source license.

David Johnson
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