Open Licenses Book 0.9.9

Scott Fenton scott at
Fri Aug 23 15:15:49 UTC 2002

Hello everyone. It's time for another release of my
book, Open Licenses. This release features the 
incoproration of the remaining OSI certified licenses,
along with a target for pamphlet sized pages (4 on
a sheet) from Alexandre Dulauony <alexandre.dulauony at>.
The tarball can be found at, and various compiled forms
are at the same directory under the names of, open-licenses-0.9.9.pdf,, and open-licenses4-0.9.9.pdf.
Email me and the list with any questions, comments,
or jelly doughnuts.

-Scott Fenton

char m[9999],*n[99],*r=m,*p=m+5000,**s=n,d,c;main(){for(read(0,r,4000);c=*r;
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