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Mahesh T Pai paivakil at
Sat Aug 17 06:53:29 UTC 2002

Scott Fenton wrote:

>[NOTE: this is slightly OT, but I think this is in the spirit
> of the list. My apologies if anyone is offended.]
>Hello everyone. I've been working on a project on and off for some
>time now, and I think it's ready for public consumption. For some
>time now, I've noticed a lack of a reference set of open source
>licenses. In order to remedy this, I've begun putting together 
>a LaTeX book of open source licenses and free software licenses.
>You can get it from 
> .
>Let me know what you think!
>-Scott Fenton
For those do not have tex, I heve converted this file.  It is available
in following formats:-
          format                         size
1.     365 Kb
2. openlicenses.pdf.tar.gz    861.5 Kb
3. openlicenses.dvi.tar.gz    195.311 Kb
(created in cygwin environment, opens in my winzip 8.0)

4.             981.2 Kb
5. open-licenses.pdf            947.3 Kb
6. open-licenses.dvi            567.2 Kb

These can be had as attachments by email   Write to me, indicating your
preferred format, and ensure that you mail box is large enough ;).

Mahesh T Pai

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