Illustrating how end-users see click-through and click-wrap notices

Auke Jilderda auke.jilderda at
Tue Aug 13 07:03:40 UTC 2002

An article in Linux World that compares the installation of Win2k to Red 
Hat 7.3 concludes with some remarks that nicely illustrates some issues 
raised in this click through and click wrap discussions:

	"the constant click-through of EULA's and supplemental EULA's 
	is tedious and legally pointless from the consumer's perspective. 
	If you buy an operating system and you agree to its license terms, 
	that should be the end of it. But I had to click-through a mind 
	boggling 8 EULAs to get W2K installed and updated. On the Red 
	Hat side, there were none."
	"We're talking about gagging consumers with the sheer volume 
	of the licenses, not just their terms. How can anyone keep up 
	with all they have agreed? Multiple Windows EULAs are a shell 
	game on steroids. I didn't read each EULA carefully, and may 
	have pledged allegiance to the French Foreign Legion."

Sounds like he doesn't mind one but definately hates 8 in a row. I'd 
already hate to have to click through one though...

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