Open Source Click-Wrap Notice

Lawrence E. Rosen lrosen at
Sat Aug 10 23:54:04 UTC 2002

'Forrest J. Cavalier III' wrote:
> How do you form a contract without presenting the terms?  Is there a
> way to review the terms without clicking? Is such vague 
> language sufficient to incorporate all the terms (of those 
> possibly 800 
> licenses) by reference?   Seems against common sense to me.
> Further, any consciencious, thinking user would never click
> to agree to something like that.  I know I wouldn't.  It is 
> just too unpalatable.
> I would want to agree individually, not in bulk.

Good, common sense.  That is why I suggested in the notice that you
there be a simple procedure to review all the licenses.

This is also a good place for the OSI Certified certification mark.  If
it is applied to the entire distribution, it is another notice to you
that all software in the distribution is licensed under one or more
OSI-approved licenses.  For many of us, that may be all we need to know
without reviewing each license in detail.  We will click on "I AGREE"
knowing that we are agreeing to something reasonable.  But we will still


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