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Mahesh T Pai paivakil at
Sat Aug 10 13:12:55 UTC 2002

 Lawrence E. Rosen wrote:

>>Mahesh T. Pai wrote:
>>Here, we are presented with a case where one click is
>>intended to indicate assent to license A, B, C, D, E, ....
>>(ad infinitum; minimum 800 as in a linux distro). No, the
>>click wrap notice will not hold in a court of law.
>Want to bet?  Whose money are you betting with?

I will quote from the suggested Open Source Click Wrap Notice:-

a) "(Y)our acceptance of the software programs included on this distribution
under the terms and conditions of the licenses applicable to each of them."
b) "You understand and agree
that the installation, use, copying, modification, and distribution of this
software may be prohibited by law unless you agree to the applicable licenses."
c) "You acknowledge that some or all of this software..."
d) "The name of each software program on this distribution and its applicable
license is listed on the file LICENSE.TXT included with this distribution[,
which you can read by clicking on "REVIEW THE LICENSES" below]."

The issue is not whether a click wrap license will be binding or not, (it is)
but whether the Open Source Click Wrap Notice will bind the user to the several
*other* licenses applicable to each package. (it will not).

Mahesh T Pai.

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