A new "use" clause in the OSD

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Tue Aug 6 18:07:55 UTC 2002

Lawrence E. Rosen writes:
 > My preference is for a clause that is more general and doesn't list only
 > the things we can think of today:
 >    OSD #10: No open source license may limit or restrict 
 >    a person's rights to use the software that would be
 >    available in the absence of a license, including their
 >    fair use rights under the copyright law.

Change that to than, I think.  What if the law changes as certain
four-letter media companies would have it change?  What if a license
said "Licensor reserves the right to inspect Licensee's system for
copyright violations"?  That doesn't limit or restrict a person's
rights to use the software.

 > By the way, Russ, how did you jump to OSD#11?  Are you saving OSD#10 for
 > something REALLY IMPORTANT?  :-)

Oh, dang, are there really only 9 terms now?

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