RPSL pre-discussion

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra lgcdutra at terra.com.br
Mon Aug 5 14:08:30 UTC 2002

Rob Lanphier <robla at real.com> wrote:
 > Our intent is to create a license that is similar in goals to the
 > GPL, with the following key differences:

	Then why not start from the GPL, diffing as wished?

 > *  Closing the "ASP loophole".  We want to ensure that someone who
 > sets up a business as an ASP is subject to the same community
 > obligations as someone who creates a shrinkwrap product.  See
 > http://newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=00/11/01/1636202 for more
 > details on this.

	You might want to read 
http://gnu.april.org./press/2002-03-19-Affero.html, which is a 
FSF-approved mod of the GNU GPL just to that effect, adding up paragraph 
2(d).  Some form of it will probably find its way to the GNU GPL v3.

 > *  Clear language with respect to the scope of patent rights
 > RealNetworks grants to the community.  We are offering a patent
 > license to the code we issue.

	That could be a simple modification too.

 > *  Right for RealNetworks to relicense.

	Well, that's yours if you request copyrights assignment from 
contributors.  Both FSF and RedHat already do this, so it shouldn't be a 

	Now if you want to ask people to give you their patches just by using 
your source code, that is, even if they don't assign it to you, then you 
will find GPL compatibility impossible.  Faced with that, Mozilla chose 
just to dual-license to both GPL & MPL.

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