A practical example of a click-wrap license

Forrest J Cavalier III forrest at mibsoftware.com
Mon Aug 5 11:30:38 UTC 2002

> > Should I care that some distributors, perhaps including Debian, refuse
> > to include KA on their distribution disk because they don't like
> > click-wrap licenses?
> Well, we have objected in the past to licenses that require people to
> notify the author whenever they distribute a modified version, on
> basically practical grounds (people who distribute thousands of products
> can't send all those notifications).  This seems to me, if not quite
> on all fours with that decision, certainly related.

...And what happens when the originator is gone (died or dissolved as
the case may be)?  Who is the first party in the click-wrap agreement
(which is still required by the license)?
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