Legal soundness comes to open source distribution

Mahesh T Pai paivakil at
Fri Aug 2 17:02:24 UTC 2002

Several packages of GPL'ed software for Win 32 come click wrapped.  eg:- 
Bloodshed C++ from <> and audacity. (any body want more 
examples?)  If you do not click the accept button, the installation aborts.

Mahesh T Pai.

Russell Nelson wrote:

>The time is coming when you won't be able to distribute software
>unless you have presented the license to the user and their assent is
>necessary to access the software.  Even free software.  Our industry
>is maturing and we need to be more legally careful and rigorous.
>The question here is whether we should amend the Open Source
>Definition so that it is clear whether click-wrap licenses are
>allowable or not.  We could go either way, but we want to hear from
>you first.  Your opinions solicited, and engaged!

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