OSL Version 1.0 dated 8/2/2002

Lawrence E. Rosen lrosen at rosenlaw.com
Fri Aug 2 16:22:13 UTC 2002

After reading the RPSL last night, I decided that the provisions it
makes for "External Deployment" are a good thing.  RealNetworks is doing
what has been discussed for many months by GPL advocates, namely
bringing under the reciprocity provisions the "use" of an open source
work to provide external services over the Internet.  

I decided to borrow some of their wording and added an external
deployment provision to the OSL.  Here is the clause I added:

  5.  External Deployment.  The term "External Deployment"
  means the use or distribution of the Original Work or
  Derivative Works in any way such that the Original 
  Work or Derivative Works may be accessed or used by
  anyone other than You, used to provide any services
  to anyone other than You, or used in any way to
  deliver any content to anyone other than You,
  whether the Original Work or Derivative Works are
  distributed to those persons, made available as an
  application intended for use over a computer network,
  or used to provide services or otherwise deliver
  content to anyone other than You.  As an express
  condition for the grants of license hereunder, You
  agree that any External Deployment by You shall be
  deemed a distribution and shall be licensed to all
  under the terms of this License, as prescribed in
  section 1(c) herein.

I have revised the OSL accordingly -- renumbering the following
paragraphs -- and changed the date of the version (still in draft form).
It is now posted at www.rosenlaw.com/osl.html.

I continue to solicit your input and suggestions.

/Larry Rosen

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