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Thu Aug 1 07:04:05 UTC 2002

Just how much of a programs source code, does "source" mean?

I'm asking, since, I'm working with a few friends on a system monitoring
utility for Windows 2000. The original author wanted it to come out under
the BSD license, and we've all proceeded from there.

Now, the problems comes from the fact, that the main programmer (this is
written in Delphi) has never worked with Open Source before, and as such,
probably didn't do any research before he began coding, and he used some of
his own "proprietary" components, and is now reluctant to ship the source,
as it would contain these components as well.

Now, is this "legal" under the BSD license? I'm reading that it both is, and
is not. Since it's not a deriative product, it should be complete source.
But we're allowed to make binary's hidden...

Does the components MS once got from BSD (the networking code) still go
under the BSD license? Is it still Open Source? I would say no right? Once
you create a deriative, and it's no longer all open, is it then Open Source?

I have another question also, if we include his "components", in a binary
form, but the source for everything else, can we still apply the BSD
license? Do we need another license? (I haven't read that much, but I would
suspect some Mozilla/Netscape license?).

I hope all this makes sense, and I hope to get this issue resolved.

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