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Steve Setzer ssetzer at planetsoftware.com
Wed Apr 17 20:09:45 UTC 2002

[ Please discuss this latest revision.  -russ ]

To the license-discuss list:

Thank you for your patience, and thanks particularly to Forrest for many 
useful comments.

I have decided to follow the Perl approach, of having a short notice and 
then separate files for the Edustructures Open Source License (EOSL) and 
the GPL. This is a bit different from my previous submission which 
combined them all into one file.

Because my email system seems to mangle the files, I ask you to review 
the following web links (all files are ASCII text this time for sure):

Edustructures Open Source License, v 1.1

This is the actual license, the legally binding document, and really 
it's all you need to review for approval up or down. I think it now is 
OSD compliant; I hope some of my changes haven't made it more 
unreadable. Since it started from the Jabber license,
doing a "diff" against that license might be useful.

GNU General Public License, v2

Should "diff" cleanly against the canonical GPL at 

OpenSIF Copyright and Licensing Notice

This is what I propose to put in each source file for the product(s) to 
be dual-licensed under the EOSL and GPL. Comments welcome :-)

Thank you all very much for your patience and consideration. Note that 
at the same website older versions of these files are present in HTML or 
PDF forms; we're trying to get those updated quickly but right now the 
"txt' forms are the correct ones to look at.

Steve Setzer

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