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Michael St . Hippolyte mash at
Mon Apr 29 20:05:02 UTC 2002


I would like to submit a license for approval on behalf of, a community of developers implementing a new
non-proprietary web development language called Bento.  The
proposed license is for the open source reference implementation
of the language.  It is modeled on the Artistic License, with
fewer general restrictions on copying and modifying, but
stricter restrictions against modifications which contradict the
the language specification.

The name of the license is the Bento Poetic License.  The name
is not intended to be flippant; it was chosen because it indicates
a filial relationship with the artistic license, while suggesting
a focus on syntactic rather than artistic control.  
The URL for the license is

For more information on the Bento language, see

Below is the license in text form.

Thank you!

Michael St. Hippolyte
mash at


The Bento Poetic License


The intent of this document is to state the conditions under which a
Package may be copied, such that the Copyright Holder maintains control
over the Language Specification which the Package implements, while
while giving the users of the Package the right to use and distribute
the Package in any fashion, including the right to make any modifications
that do not contradict the Language Specification.


     "Package" refers to the collection of files distributed by the
     Copyright Holder, and derivatives of that collection of files
     created through textual modification.

     "Language" refers to the computer language which the Package

     "Language Specification" refers to the grammar and normative
     documentation which defines the Language.

     "Copyright Holder" is whoever is named in the copyright or
     copyrights for the Package.

     "You" is you, if you're thinking about copying or distributing
     this Package.

     "Contradict the Language Specification" means to modify the
     Package in such a way that a user wishing to access one or more
     features of the Package would have no choice but to write code
     which is illegal according to the Language Specification.

     Failure to comply with the Language Specification is NOT the
     same as contradicting the Language Specification.  The Language
     Specification represents a target, and every implementation
     is a work in progress.  You are not required to ensure that legal
     code works, only that illegal code fails.

     Failure to keep up with the Language Specification is NOT the
     same as contradicting the Language Specification.  Code which is
     legal for any version of the Language Specification, even if it
     is illegal in a newer version, is not considered illegal.

     Adding requirements is NOT the same as contradicting the Language
     Specification.  Code that requires a custom implementation, or the
     presence of specific libraries, files, devices or other resources
     to work properly is not considered illegal.

1. You may make and give away verbatim copies of the source form of the
Package without restriction, provided that you duplicate all of the original
copyright notices and associated disclaimers.

2. You may modify the Package in any manner which does not contradict the
Language Specification, except that you may not remove copyright notices or
disclaimers from the source files.

3. You may modify the Package in a manner which contradicts the Language
Specification, provided that you retain all copyright notices and
disclaimers, and provided that you do at least ONE of the

     a) remove all claims of compatibility with or support for the Language
     from the Package and all documents and materials you distribute with the
     Package, include a clear description of how the modified Package
     contradicts the Language Specification, and rename all modified classes
     and files so the names do not conflict with the original classes and

     b) use the modified Package only within your corporation or organization.

     c) make other distribution arrangements with the Copyright Holder.

4. The files supplied as input to or produced as output from the
programs of this Package do not automatically fall under the copyright
of this Package, but belong to whomever generated them.  Any such files
which were generated by the Copyright Holders and are included with this
do fall under the copyright of this Package.

5. The name of the Copyright Holder may not be used to endorse or promote
products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.


The End
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