Are you RALLY serious?

Pekka Heikkinen pekkaheikkinen2001 at
Sun Apr 28 10:48:01 UTC 2002

I got few emails and I like to chare them with you all. I know all of you can read, yeah? 


Sat, 27 Apr 2002 17:35:04 -0700

From:"Karsten M. Self" <kmself at> To:"Pekka Heikkinen" <pekkaheikkinen2001 at>

Any reason you're insisting on responses to your own particularinterests on multiple mails.  Again, discussion that occurs onlicense-discuss is a favor granted by the list participants.  Making thesame request, off-list, twice, is rude.That said, I've had very limited time over the past several months, andam attempting to increase my participation in l-d.You're out of line.

And my answer for Mr.(?) Karsten..


Date:Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:05:11 -0700 (PDT)

From:"Pekka Heikkinen" <pekkaheikkinen2001 at>

To:"Karsten M. Self" kmself at

Mr Karsten...I'm sorry if you received my email twice or so BUT, 
I'm NOT offering ANYTHING else then the easy way to discus about what 
ever all we are interest in this forum. Is it too difficult to see 
and understand it? You're AGAIN one of them who tells me 'I'm SO 
busy...I don't have time' and so on. How it's possible that you 
'clever guys' there have time to write all day long those 'questions 
and answers' but no time to do it by talk WITH voice?! Are you shy 
or even being a 'professionals' is it so that you there can't use all 
these todays possibilities offered by Internet and it's tecnology? 
I must say, most of you 'talk' too much saying nothing. 

Have a nice 'too busy' day,


Pekka Heikkinen  


..AND other one...


Date:Sat, 27 Apr 2002 07:02:41 -0700From:"Rick Moen" <rick at>To:"Pekka Heikkinen" <pekkaheikkinen2001 at>  

Quoting Pekka Heikkinen (pekkaheikkinen2001 at> WHY don't you TALK about these? 1.  Having taken the trouble of re-posting that licence in plain ASCII,    I've spent quite enough time.2.  I have a Linux InstallFest to plan and conduct.3.  I'm very tired of companies failing to use standard licences and    creating variations on them for no identifiable reason.-- Cheers,   If C gives you enough rope to hang yourself, then C++ give you enoughRick Moen    to bind and gag your neighbourhood, rig the sails on a small ship,rick at    and still have enough to hang yourself from the yardarm.

...and my answer...

Date:Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:13:13 -0700 (PDT)

From:"Pekka Heikkinen" <pekkaheikkinen2001 at>

To:"Rick Moen" rick at

There's THREE (3) possibilities: You can't talk, You don't own a microphone,  you don't see OR understand what's going on and what are all the possibilities on the Internet. Which one of these are you Mr. Rick? 
Pekka Heikkinen 


I don't know how these people think...IF they think at all but again, I'm NOT here for offering some 'business opportunity' to ANYONE but the easy way to REALLY discus about whatever questions appears. Sure it must be in someones interest to keep 'forums' like this and don't let anyone just chare they opinions direct 'mouth to mouth', yeah it could be too dangerous to let small simply people to do it like that, a?

You use days or even WEEKS 'hanging around' with ONE simple question!! 


Pekka Heikkinen


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