Discuss: The Open-Source Milestone Application Framework Software License

Mahesh T Pai paivakil at yahoo.co.in
Sat Apr 27 05:55:05 UTC 2002

Akil Franklin wrote:

>On behalf of Milestone Technology Group, LLC I am I am submitting the
>Open-Source Milestone Application Framework Software License, Version

>7. Milestone must be notified of the redistribution and use of this
>product. Such notification can be made by visiting www.techMilestone.com and filling
>out the appropriate online form. If you have any questions about this process,
>please send an email to MAFAdmin at techMilestone.com.
If all restribution should require you be notified, even if such 
redistribution is of the unmodified product, I believe that it will be 
against the open source philosophy.

>8. Milestone Technology Group, LLC is granted the right to use the name
>and logos of products derived from this software in communications related to the 
>Milestone Application Framework.
Logos and names usually are protected by laws relating to trade marks, 
and if Cl. 8 is supposed to mean that "by creating a derived work from 
this product, you impliedly licence us your names and logos (in other 
words, your trademarks), your will have put that in very explicit words.  

With regards,
Mahesh T Pai.

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