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David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sat Apr 27 02:04:07 UTC 2002

On Friday 26 April 2002 06:24 am, Robert E. Jones, III wrote:

> Actually, there is some question about whether or not the UCC applies to
> software.  Hence the big debate over the inclusion of Section 2B (the
> precursor to  UCITA) that was supposed to fold software licensing into the
> UCC.

Since software is sold commercial, purchasable in retail outlets across the 
nation, marketed as a product, etc., I can't understand why the UCC wouldn't 

Do you happen to know the rationale behind not including commercial software 
in the US Commercial Code? If all I get for $109.99 is the physical media, 
then I want a damn huge discount when I buy it online for download...

David Johnson
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