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Chris Knight merlin at ghostwheel.com
Thu Apr 25 19:04:03 UTC 2002

[ please discuss this license.  -russ ]


   My name is Chris Knight, and I'm working with Beatnik towards the 
release of their browser plugin as an open source project.

I have completed step 1, attaching the current proposed license in HTML 
format as an attachment and making it available on-line for review:


As for step 2...  Standard IANAL disclaimer.  :)  My original goal had been 
to release the Beatnik Player under the BSD license, but pre-existing 
license restraints and a lawyer still on the payroll at Beatnik blocked 
that path entirely.  A review of the license by Richard Geiger at Perforce 
estimated our license to be closest to the IBM license.  I am not able to 
judge evaluations of precedence or incompatibility.  I believe the license 
is close to being usable, but I'm very much open to suggestion in almost 
any area you feel it needs work.

I have subscribed to the list, and away any feedback you may be able to offer.

As per #4, I would prefer that my identity be attached to this license and 
discussion.  I have no reason to remain anonymous during the process.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

-Chris Knight 
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